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Lories I breed

I bred the following Lories:

Blue Mountain, Edwards, Forsten's, Rosenberg's, Weber's, Green Naped, Ornate, Red Collared, Perfects, Iris, Goldie, Scaley, Mt. Apo, Striated,  Red, Blue Streaked, Black Winged, Violet Necked, Obi-Violet Necked, Blue Earred, Black, Duvyenbode, Yellow Streaked, Cardinal, Dusky (orange), Dusky (yellow), Black Capped (LL), Yellow Bibbed, Chattering, Red Stella, Melanistic Stella, Blue Crown and Musk. (I also am working on some mutations, yellow Scaley, olive Scaley, olive Green Naped, and fallow Chattering)  My end goal on this page is to list each type of Lory by common name, Latin name, size, average breeding season/age in the USA and characteristics

Blue Mountain Lory (Swainson's)


One of the most popluar Lories available.  Speech capability is a 8.  Personality as a pet great feed back on them.  They are able to breed at 8 to 10 months old.


Blue Streaked

EOS Ritichulatta

Very good pet speech capability is a 6. Personality as a pet is excellent.  Takes 3-4 years for maturity.  Immatures plumage has a little blackish barring that developes into a beautiful burgandy on the chest/belly area.


Black Capped Lory

Lorius Lory

Striking bird.  They are one of the bigger Lories.  Speech capability is a 8.  Personality is a little on the high strung side.  Sometimes they become nippy.  Maturity takes 4 to 6 years.  There are three sub species in the US Lorius Lory (the ones that I have with the blue/purple going all the way up through the chest ares) Immatures have blue only on the belly but with a moult at approximately a year old the blue makes it way up through the chest area (looks like overall bib jeans)


Black-Winged Lory


Only about 5 breeders have this specie in the USA (unless you have some and tell me I can add you to the gene pool)  They are critcally in trouble and will disappear from US aviculture if not worked with sucessfully.


Blue Earred Lory 


I will finish listing my Lories on this page when I have more time and a sunny day to take more photos.  (After x-mas)  I will be listing them with photos and proper Latin spellings. Along with more in depth description of pet quality and any idiosyncrasies I can think of.

Mt. Apo Lorikeet




Striated Lorikeet




Black Lory


Large sized Lory predominately black in color with a blueish rump and yellowish/red under tail.  Makes a great pet but sometimes can aggressive when mature. Speech capability is about a 6.  Black Lories have big appetites.  Be careful with iron intake as they tend to be predisposed to iron storage syndrome.

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