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and propagation of Lories

Lories available

Photos are of my adults and represent what type of Lory the chicks for sale are. I do not take payments on chicks that are not even hatched yet.  I only sell/commit chicks after they are hatched and I feel that they are on track.

 Prices quoted are for unsexed unweaned chicks unless stated otherwise. Because someone was confused as to if I sold eggs or not, let me state it clearly. I DO NOT SELL EGGS. I only list eggs coming up to give people an idea of what types are pending hatching in the near future.         Last updated 03/15/14   I am only selling hand feeding babies (that means unweaned) at this time. 

Blue Mountains (Swainson's)


$250 each

Medium sized Rainbow.  Great pets. Great speech capability.  Breeds year round.

Edward's Lorikeet


Medium sized Rainbow.  Breeds mostly year round.

Price $250 each

Forsten's Lorikeet


Medium sized Rainbow.   Breeds mostly year round.

Price $250

Red Collared Lorikeets

Great pet, good speech capability.  Breeds February through Sept/October.


Red Lories

0 available. 

Handfeeding unsexed unweaned.  Breeds mostly year round.

Price $275 each

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

2 available---Green

 These guys are great little characters. Breeds mostly year round.


Blue Streaked Lories



Medium sized Lory. Beautiful striking birds.  Generally make great pets. Breeds March through September. 

Price $350 each

Musk Lorikeet


Smaller type Lory.  About the size of a small Cockatiel with a shorter tail.  On the quiet side, has s nice warble when mature. Tends to make a good pet.  Breeds January through May/June

Price $275

Chattering Lory

2 available

Large size Lory. Great speech capability.  Breeds January through May/June.

$325 each

Yellow-Bibbed Lory


Large sized Lory in the Black Capped family. One of the best speech capabilities in the Lory family.  Breeds January through June/July.

$400 each

Green Naped Lorikeet

0 available

Medium sized Rainbow Lorikeet.  Breeds mostly year round.

$250 each

Ornate Lory

0 available

Medium-small sized Rainbow Lorikeet.  Breeds March through July.

$275 each

Black Lory

Large sized Lory.  Make great pets.  Breeds January through June/July.


Iris Lorikeet

apparently not thinking about laying

Smaller type of Lory.  Can eat half seed half nectar. Little Characters


Dusky Lories

0 available

Dusky Lories are very beautiful and entertaining but they tend to be a more of a high energy bird.  They also can be a little on the louder side.  Breeds April through July.

$350 each unsexed unweaned. 

Yellow Streaked Lory

0 available

Yellow Streaks are a larger lory (in the same family as the Black, Duvy and Cardinal)  They tend to be a very playful lory and will act like a baby for a long time.  (most of them)  Breeds January through June/July.

Price $425 each

Goldies Lorikeet

0 available

One of the smaller Lories available in the US.  They are about the size of a larg parakeet.  Tends to be a little on the shy side (some are little tigers) More on the quiet side.  Speech capability is on the mumbling side.  Breeds March through July/August

Price $225 each

Obi-Violet Necked Lory

0 available

One of the smaller Eos.  Abdomen is actually a very dark purple.  Breeds March through July.



Blue Crown Lory

One of the smaller Lories. They are about the size of a small Love bird.  They tend to be hardy.  They are playful and make a neat sound (sounds like a Blue Bird) and tend to be fearless.  They are definitely on the rare side in aviculture.

$400 each

Cardinal Lory


A larger Lory.  They are the same size as Duvyenbode's or Black Lories.  They are playful.   These guys originate out of the Solomon Islands.  They are a bit on the rare side in aviculture.

$450 each

Olive Green Naped

1 available pending sexing

Olive Green Napes are a mutation of the normal Green Naped.

$275 each

Red Stella Lorikeet

0 available

Full package Lory.  Beautiful, graceful, playful and quiet.  One of the few dimorphic Lories.  Females have a yellow saddle patch on the back of their rump.

$750 unweaned

Melanistic Stella Lorikeet

0 available

Same as the Red Lories but they are the Melanistic color.  I equate their color to Welch's Grape Juice (looks black from afar but up close and in sunshine they are a dark purple) Dimorphic males have solid red on the back flanks and sometimes under the vent area.

$400 males $500 females