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Dominick Dom Dorsa

Dominick Dom Dorsa 917-821-5940 montegosaviary@aol.com or bluthroat@aol.com sold me a Ducorp's Cockatoo as a DNA'd Female. I DNA'd the bird two weeks after acquiring it from Dominick Dorsa and it turns out to be a MALE. I contacted him right away letting him know that the $600 hen that I bought from him was in fact a male (I was very adamant before I sent him money that I only would pay that much for a HEN. He assured me it was a DNA'd hen)He got very very nasty with me. His first response back was ridiculous accusations (that I picked feathers up off the ground to send in for DNA and other ridiculous suggestions) When I re-sexed the bird via a certified vet (I photographed her sexing and tatooing the male Ducorps from Dom Dorsa)He chose to ignore me. So beware of this broker. If you are thinking of dealing with him I will be more than happy to forward you my whole negative experience (all e-mail and photos) proving how he reacts when he sells an expensive bird and it turns out to be opposite of what you thought you were buying. He claims to have a fine and upstanding reputation but as far as I am concerned actions speak louder than words. 



Yes, I wish I had asked more than one person about him.  That person said yes he was fine and he worked at the Brooklyn Zoo.  So I went a head despite my learyness about the bird having dark eyes (which he assured me was just because it was only two years old).  He has only ever sent me a scanned copy via e-mail.  It was conveniently smeared as to who submitted the sample.  The birds name in his photo was "Boom Boom" which is not very feminine.  I found an ad from an earlier posting saying the bird preferred woman (which it does) it sounds like he suspected it was a male.  I wish I had known that before sending money.
When he got nasty instead of re-DNAing I opted to have my vet surgically sex the bird and I photographed the whole process.  After I sent him the photos of the sexing he ignored me.  I saw him on facebook and he blocked me right away.  Then I sent him a nasty e-mail and he did respond to that of course.
Below is the first of several e-mails after I discovered that the bird was in fact a male.
Thank you for reaffirming what I am finding out now.  He was so arrogant about how EVERYONE loves him.  I understand DNA can go wrong but the way he responded hit me in a very negative way.  I still do not see what I might have said in the first e-mail that can justify him acting like that.  I definitely gave him reason in my very last nasty e-mail to him!

PS if you know anyone else who is contemplating dealing with him feel free to send this to them.  I have nothing to hide.
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From: Loryltd <loryltd@aol.com>
To: bluthroat <bluthroat@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 8:22 am
Subject: DNA Test Results Ducorp's

I was very adamant about the fact that I needed a FEMALE Ducorp's hen.  The only reason that I was paying $600 plus $100 for shipping (total of $700) was for a Ducorp's hen.  I bought a local male here for $300 when I put them together your "hen" attacked the male which made me suspicious.  I sent off feathers from your bird for sexing to Avian Bio Tech.  The results came back and confirmed my suspicion (see below e-mail from Avian Bio Tech).  Your bird is a MALE.  I now have two MALES.  So now what?   
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From: tech@avianbiotech.com
To: loryltd@aol.com
Sent: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 4:54 pm
Subject: DNA Test Results

Avian Biotech Int'l
Name: Christine Touchton Business: Lories Limited
Phone: 352-628-2264 Email: loryltd@aol.com
Date Received: 7/14/2011
Ducorps's Cockatoo
' NY
Yellow-streaked Lory
' 07/12/11
Yellow-streaked Lory
' 07/14/11
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From: bluthroat@aol.com
To: loryltd@aol.com
Sent: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 11:33 am
Subject: Re: DNA Test Results Ducorp's

The bird I sent you is a DNA sexed hen. I sent you a copy of the DNA certificate via email, and will gladly send you the paper copy. Why did you send off feathers and not a blood sample? Did you have the hen I sold you in hand to attain the feathers? if so, then it would be quite easy to take a blood sample instead of a feather sample. If you did not pluck the feathers from the hen, then how did you acquire the feathers? from the bottom of the flight? Why isn't the hens band number recorded on the ID listed below for avian biotech? To me, that implies that you did not have the bird in hand to write down the band number, and/or neglected to reference the dna certificate that you were sent via email, but I hate to assume. Every sample I have ever sent to avian bio tech has the birds ID as the band number. This HEN was not sexed by avian bio tech, and was sexed by another company which is listed on the DNA certificate you were sent via email, and on said certificate it also has a band number which corresponds with the band number on the leg of the hen that I sent to you.
Of course there is always a possibility that there was an error in the sexing, regardless of what type of sample was sent in (i.e. feather, blood, etc), and regardless of the lab being used. However based on what you are telling me below, there isn't anything telling me that the hen I sent you is the bird referenced below. Please find again, the DNA certificate, with the corresponding band number referenced at the top of the certificate, that lists the bird as FEMALE.
I would also suggest, that before you fire off an email, filled with all kinds of attitude and tone, like the email below, you think about how to approach the situation in a more mature, adult manner. As I said, there is always a possibility that there was a lab error on my end or yours, but to be sent an accusing email like yours is something I will not tolerate in the least. I have a very good reputation, which you also checked out, as per your own words, and would not intentionally send you the wrong sexed bird.
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From: Loryltd <loryltd@aol.com>
To: bluthroat <bluthroat@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 1:24 pm
Subject: Re: DNA Test Results Ducorp's

Seriously your going to be nasty to me? What part of my e-mail was nasty or immature as you called me? or upsetting you to attack me?  I was citing facts and none of them degraded you. I have done nothing wrong!! 
I pulled feathers from the bird that I received from you because it was easier than holding it down and taking blood.  I plan on sending blood this time to follow up in case the feather sexing was not enough or wrong.  I did not put the band number and your info when submitting the sample because I was not trying to cover my butt. I was sending multiple samples and did this as a last minute thing when going to the post office that day. The bird reached its foot through the bars to play with my hand and I took that opportunity to pluck a pinch full (approximately 8-10 fresh feathers from the abdominal area)   I was shocked that it came back as a male.  I kept asking them if they were sure.  I will this time be clipping the toenail (I've done it over 700 times literally) logging the band number and you as the birds source when submitting this next sample.  I have enclosed photos of the bird you sent me. I took the photos upon receiving your nasty response. If you'd like I can do it with todays newspaper held up next to the bird to prove to you I sexed and still have the bird that you sent me.  I am very upset that I have spent $700 on what has come back as a male.  I am sorry if you dont like my "tone" but you also are suggesting that I dont even have the bird in my possession or picked old feathers up off the ground like an idiot is not a warm and fuzzy tone when I have done nothing wrong.   Maybe the more mature action on your end would have been to suggest that I submit another sample (which I am doing any way) instead of becoming nasty and suggesting that I am an idiot. 
PS Why didnt you send the paper copy with the bird?  I tried to contact that company yesterday via e-mail be and there has been no response (I was asking their accuracy rate).  I tried calling them yesterday and today and it is just a voicemail, no person.  The phone number I used was 877-424-1212

Hi Chris,
Your intitial email to me, in my opinion was accussing me of intentionally sending you a male Ducorps instead of a female, which is not the case. You do not have a paper copy of the DNA certificate which states the bird is a female, but you do have a scanned copy of the DNA certificate via email with a matching band number, stating the bird has been sexed as female. I am more than happy to send you the paper copy.
I understand why would you be upset if you do indeed have two male Ducorps, I would be as well. Zoogen, Avian Bio tech and AMR have all made errors and it is quite possible that there has been an error somewhere, but that is neither your fault nor mine. I am in no way implying that you do not have the female ducorps I sent to you. What I am quite literally stating is that the ABI information that you have provided does not list a bird identification, it simply states DUCORPS NY MALE.
I do not own the female ducorps I sent to you, you now own her. If you submit a sexing form stating me as the "owner" (since there is not a "bird source" column), that would be a falsfied document.
I am a very reasonable person and am known to be more than accomodating in the avicultural community, You have already asked Terry Timberlake, you can also ask Jessica Driscoll Hurley. There are many positive ways in which this situation could have been handled, but the initial email that you sent to me was not one of them.
thank you,

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From: Loryltd <loryltd@aol.com>
To: bluthroat <bluthroat@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Aug 3, 2011 7:31 pm

I know you have made yourself undetectable to me on facebook tonight.  You have proven your self a lying, low caliber, scamming schmuck.  You LOOK like a jerk and have acted like a jerk.  You asked me to prove to you that the bird YOU sold me for $600 was indeed a male and not a hen as you advertised (you removed the ad today but I copied it last week and have it saved) I have proven he is a MALE and now you ignore me.  I've told you repeatedly the I only wanted to pay that much for a hen.  I labeled my first DNA test as NY cause I wasn't covering my butt.  I am now.  I will be in birds a long time.  Every time I can, I will prove that you scammed me by selling me an expensive male as a female.  You never even sent me the hard copy certificate like you said you would.  Trent told me he sold you that bird unsexed.  SO you probably just printed a fake certificate up and scammed me.
You asked me to prove it and I have done it with blood sexing AND surgical sexing but of course you were just blowing smoke and wasting my time by ignoring me.
I have photos of the vet surgically sexing the bird you sold me proving she is a HE.  I also have a new Avian Bio Tech DNA Certificate now reflecting bird Id as:
7/14/2011 - Ducorps's Cockatoo Dominick Dorsa 917-821-5940, LCF FL 09 5655 Male
Big shot zoo guy yeah right more like a dirt bag EVERY TIME.

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From: bluthroat <bluthroat@aol.com>
To: loryltd <loryltd@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Aug 3, 2011 11:55 pm
Subject: Re: EVERY TIME
I have not lied to you about anything and you were blocked because of your actions. 
I did not remove the ad nor did I fake a certificate. You are accusing me of intentionally selling you a bird that was not a female, which is not true. Furthermore, you were sent via email a scanned copy of the dna certificate with the matching band number for the bird you purchased, which you obviously felt was satisfactory. You also "checked me out" before you made the purchase, and again was obviously satisfactory. 
Your initial email to me was rude, unprofessional and not warranted and it is apparent that that is not clear to you. You have in fact ignored me and chose not to contact me after our last correspondence. Instead you chose to talk to a third party instead of directly to me. And now that you have proof, you want action right away, and it seems that you want the respect and justification you feel you deserve, but you are not willing to give that.
Lying, low caliber, scamming schmuck and a dirtbag, all of which are furtherest from the truth and do not exist within my nature. 
The facts are you were sold a ducorps with a dna certificate, stating female, matching the corresponding band of the bird you purchased, and you have now had that bird feather sexed and surgically sexed, and indeed it is male not a female. As far as me lying to you, scamming you, intentionally selling you a male as a female, none of that is true, and you won't find one person to claim me to be any of those things.

 PS Dominick you are not as "loved" behind your back as you think you are.  I have had at least three additional people contact me who have had negative things to say about you. From got a "bad" feel from you and decided not to deal with you to a "wanna be" to a "Drama Queen".